Case study on Etihad Museum with GSL Professional turnkey Audio Solutions

Case study on Etihad Museum with GSL Professional turnkey Audio Solutions

8 October

GSL Pro Middle East – Case study on Etihad Museum, 8th January 2017, Dubai, UAE. 

Etihad Museum, sprawling over 26,000 square meters shares the history of the country’s glorious past of 44 years and urges Emiratis and visitors alike to move forward by drawing inspiration from the building blocks of the United Arab Emirates.

The museum includes permanent and temporary halls, a theatre, an educational area, a recreational area, administrative offices and car parking. This unique museum encourages the visitors to journey through time via experience-driven exhibitions, interactive programs and education initiatives that explore the chronology of events that culminated in the formation of the Union of the Emirates in 1971.

For the purpose of installation, Elvis Technology was called upon to furbish the Audio-Visual requirement of the venue.

“We’ve used JBL Surround speakers/Cinema speakers in auditorium which is one of the most beautiful installations thus far. You can experience the sound and you will be amazed,” said Karthik S., Head of Projects, Elvis Technology. “The client preferred JBL and BSS products and thought that the brands would sound the best for this particular project. BSS is robust and because of this, you avoid the number of visits by any technician,” he added.

For the project there was an extensive use of AKG Wireless Microphone systems, BSS Signal processors, Crown Amplifiers and JBL Professional Surround Loudspeakers. Namely, eight WMS 470 vocal D5 handheld wireless microphones, seven WMS 470 Presenter Sets and two CGN 341 E gooseneck microphones, aiding which AKG boosters, splinter stands and power supply have all been installed.

Six BLU-101 conferencing processors, six BLU-DAN Dante to BLU Link bridge, eight BLU BIB (8 CH line level audio output) and six Blu BOB1 (8 CH line level audio output) made for the building blocks of the perfectly tailored system solution.

Four Crown DSi 2000 amplifiers, two DCi 1000 Power Amplifiers, ten DCi 2|300 (2 CH Amplifiers) have also been set up for digital signal processing and includes crossovers, EQ filters, delay and output limiting. The Crown DSi Series by Crown has specifically been engineered for Cinema.

Six JBL Professional 8320 Cinema Surround Speakers, two 3635 Cinema Subwoofers and two EON 515 XT with stands have been installed primarily in the auditorium.