Low cost EN54 loudspeakers will soon be in stock

Low cost EN54 loudspeakers will soon be in stock

14 October

GSL Professional is pleased to announce that we will soon be stocking low cost EN54 loudspeakers ready to ship to our customers.

The requirement for professional product certified for this European fire alarm standard continues to rise in voice evacuation systems here in the Middle East.

JBL Professional recently added to their EN54 compliant line up with the introduction of four new ceiling loudspeakers. The JBL Control 10C-VA Series features three new models that are EN54-certified versions of the JBL Control 10 Series. Joining these is the cost effective JBL CSS-15C-VA. All models include a high-temperature ceramic terminal block and in-line thermal fuse (as required by these regulations), to ensure that if any speaker were to become damaged due to a fire or other disaster, then the speaker will be removed from the circuit, ensuring that the other speakers on the same distributed speaker line will continue to operate.

The EN54 range from JBL Professional, consisting of fourteen loudspeakers, provides a wide scope of capabilities and price points for EN54 applications.

All three JBL Control 10C-VA models feature wide bandwidth, designed to provide clear and intelligible sound, wide coverage and combined 100V and 8-ohm operation. The Control 12C-VA has a 75 mm (3”) driver, 20 Watts at 8 ohms, and a 15-Watt multi-tap 100V transformer. The Control 14C-VA has a 100 mm (4”) woofer, 19 mm (3/4”) tweeter, 30 Watts at 8 ohms and a 25-Watt multi-tap transformer. Lastly, the Control 16C-VA has a 165 mm (6 ½”) woofer, 19 mm (3/4”) tweeter, 50 Watts at 8 ohms, and a 30 Watt multi-tap transformer. All three models offer superior sound quality, making them ideal for music as well as speech. A blind-mount backcan allows for quick and easy installation.

Paring the three Control 10C-VA models with the MTC-14WG and MTC-16WG high humidity grilles allows for use in bathrooms, spas and swimming pools requiring a certified voice evacuation system.

The JBL CSS-15C-VA ceiling loudspeaker is suitable for lower cost applications requiring EN54. It features a 130mm (5”) full-range dual-cone driver for voice announce application. It also offers a 6-Watt, 100V transformer for distributed systems and has a frequency response of 180 Hz – 20 kHz.

The CSS-15C-VA also contains a metal fire dome that can be installed from below the ceiling surface and attaches with two metal clips. All the wiring is done from below in the metal fire dome. The driver and main baffle then get easily torsion-loaded (via spring) into the fire dome, where the speaker is pulled into place.

If you would like more information on the JBL Professional EN54 compliant range or when our loudspeakers will be in stock then please email or call +971 4 295 2876.