GSL Professional Expansion process for Qatar and Jordan – Interview with Abboud Aljuneidi

GSL Professional Expansion process for Qatar and Jordan – Interview with Abboud Aljuneidi

14 October

We are in the process of expansion, as the official distributor for Harman Professional Audio Brands and TASCAM TEAC such as Akg, BSS, dbx, Crown, JBL Professional, Lexicon, Soundcraft across Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq , inclusive of our home base, the United Arab Emirates since 2004.

In order to record the progress in transition, we sat for an interview with Abboud Aljuneidi, Entertainment Division Manager – ME, GSL Professional – Entertainment.
Abboud has been travelling extensively across the region to familiarize our clients and resellers with the structure of GSL Professional and most importantly the benefits of being affiliated with us. The most recent of his business travels, have been to Qatar and Jordan,

GSL Professional Expansion

Abboud Aljuneidi – Division Manager, GSL Professional Entertainment (right)

Read a detailed account of the development below.

Q: What was the purpose of your recent travels?

Abboud: The purpose of the previous and the upcoming travels is to find, assign and authorize new resellers across the regions and also to put a face to the name.
Additionally, I wanted to explain the role, which we, as a company will be acting in the new territories as the official distributor of Harman professional audio brands, along with the new company structure.

Q: How successful would you deem your most recent visit to Qatar and Jordan?

Abboud: Overall, as a start, I feel that both the trips were very successful.
We assigned 2 official resellers in Qatar and we have multiple negotiations and projects in the pipeline.

Q: What challenges do you think exist in this transition of distributorship, for us?

Abboud: I feel most of the GCC Countries are quite similar in terms of rules and regulations, but Jordan is quite different from the rest of the GCC. Comparatively, it’s a little more challenging in Jordan since the customs, Importing rules and procedures are very different there. But, of course, these are just the initial teething problems, which is quite normal.

Q: Was it easier for you to penetrate the market in Jordan since it’s your hometown?

Abboud: Of course, it’s much easier for me, in terms of the people and also the routes are very familiar to me. But, despite it being my home turf, it doesn’t help much since most of the business depends on various factors such as customs, pricing, VAT. We have to follow each country’s market rules, etc. These factors play a large role in controlling the business. We are ambitious and optimistic, but we have to offer bespoke solutions to all the new territories which we have acquired. But, over all, yes Jordan was definitely easier than the other countries, so far.

Q: What was your brand promise to the resellers and the new contacts in all these new territories?

Abboud: Firstly, we are doing our best to provide our best prices to the resellers. Secondly, we offer full support in terms of trainings, both here in the UAE and taking the trainings to their region. We provide assistance in terms of turnkey Professional Audio Solutions and Sound Design on larger projects.
For example, we’ve recently helped with designing clubs as part of the support, which we offer.
Most importantly, I believe, what differentiates us from the competitors is that we always stock intelligently, which means conducting analysis and anticipating orders, the stock type and quantity. This enables us to predict the market requirements. We guarantee that when an order is placed with us, the customers can find approximately 90% or more of required products in stock.

We also have a very efficient and professional set of team-mates. We ensure that everyone is equipped for technical troubleshooting and assisting the clients as well.

Q: As a Division manager at GSL Professional – Entertainment, what is your vision for 2017?

A: More market share. In order to achieve this goal, we’ve employed specialized sales/technical staff, which gives me the flexibility to focus on achieving this goal and of course travelling in order to build and maintain relationships.
My priority is to offer our clients with innovative and updated solutions/offers and of course supporting them.