HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces AMX Incite Professional Digital AV Presentation Solutions

HARMAN Professional Solutions Announces AMX Incite Professional Digital AV Presentation Solutions

11 October

AMX Incite presentation switchers by Harman Pro at GSL Pro ME

All-in-one AV presentation solutions leverage industry-leading technologies by AMX, BSS, dbx and Crown to deliver exceptional video and audio performance in any presentation scenario

AMX Incite presentation switchers were recently announced by Harman Professional, new professional AV management devices that deliver powerful audio and video capabilities for a wide range of presentation scenarios, including classrooms, conference rooms and more.

Combining industry-leading AMX video technology with BSS, dbx and Crown audio technologies, AMX Incite systems include video scaling, windowing, audio amplification and processing, support for 4K60, integrated central control and distance transport, all at a price point that supports large-scale deployments and price sensitive rooms.

“Universities and corporate facilities with small and medium-sized conference room spaces need unified audiovisual solutions that are easy to purchase, design, install, configure and maintain,” said Shaun Robinson, Vice President, Corporate, Education and Government CSU, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The new Incite presentation switchers eliminate the need to purchase multiple signal management devices, and provide exceptional value for customers who need a robust and easy-to-use presentation solution. Leveraging industry-leading technologies by AMX, BSS, dbx and Crown, Incite delivers exceptional video and audio performance for any presentation scenario.”

AMX Incite offers the highest quality video switching, scaling and distance transport on the market. Support for 4K video at 60fps on input and scaled outputs provides current and future support for permanent and visiting source devices connected simultaneously, including 4K and non 4K. Current HD signals can be upscaled, while 4K/60 can be downscaled, providing flexible compatibility from source to display. HDBaseT-based distance transport provides full 4K/60 at 4:4:4 capability over a cost-effective category cable for simple point-to-point applications.

Featuring BSS, dbx, and Crown audio technologies, AMX Incite delivers legendary HARMAN sound quality.

  • An integrated BSS digital signal processor allows for precision tuning to match unique source and room attributes, and includes advanced capabilities like an independent 10-band parametric EQ, independent input gain adjustments and variable compression. Enhanced microphone processing includes a three band EQ, compression, gating, auto-ducking and limiting on each microphone input to ensure crystal clear communication.
  • dbx AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression™) takes the guesswork out of controlling feedback. Simply enable AFS per audio output group and Incite automatically stops feedback to prevent distractions and avoid damage to speakers and ears.
  • Crown DriveCore™ amplification technology seamlessly integrates the amplifier drive stage into the power output stage. DriveCore’s front-end drive circuits leverage the efficiency of Class D output stages while also maintaining superb sonic characteristics, resulting in an ultra-efficient one-piece audio amplifier circuit that exhibits the pristine audio quality of a highly evolved Class AB design.

AMX Incite is capable of advanced video windowing with scaling. Users can send two sources to a single display in various preset configurations (side-by-side, top-bottom, and picture-in-picture), and the AMX Incite  will automatically scale the sources to fit the resolution requirements of the destination display. Incite also includes “live production” style video features, such as transition effects when switching between sources, enabling presenters to add a professional look and feel to presentations.

AMX Incite is easy to purchase, install, configure, and maintain. Flexible interface options include integrated web GUI, front control panel and on-screen menu setup. Incite is a Native NetLinx device which can be controlled via native NetLinx ICSP commands. Full feedback and notifications are provided for NetLinx integration.

In addition to the base model, two models will be available with additional features and hardware options:

  • A version with the addition of a 70/100V and a Stereo DriveCore (from Crown) amplifier is available in the same one-RU footprint.
  • A version which includes a full AMX NX-2200 central controller is available in a two-RU footprint. This version includes full NX-2200 control port and processing capabilities, along with integrated private control network (ICSLan) functionality.


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