HiQnet Audio Architect 1.9 Released

HiQnet Audio Architect 1.9 Released

14 October

New in Audio Architect version 1.90.0

  • Main Application
    • Added object linking. Requires a Contrio Server in the venue file
  • BSS Audio
    • Added BLU-805/325 AVB devices
    • Added ability to change HiQnet address of audio processing objects
    • Contrio Server now logs when devices come online and go offline
    • Added ability to add multiple processing objects from right-click drag drop
    • Added ‘Fit to Grid’ to allow processing objects to be positioned next to each other without wasting grid spaces

Download the softwear update here.

See Applications Guides from Harman Professional for examples on how HiQnet Audio architect can be used in real-world applications.