BSS Training – GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE

BSS Training – GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE

10 October

BSS Training – GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

HiQnet Audio Architect black

The BSS Training conducted by GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE, covered the HiQnet Audio Architect Introductory (AA100) and BSS Audio Soundweb London101 (BSS101) syllabus.

The training, held by Georgi Hristov of GSL Professional-Projects, was a demonstration in the use of the software, to a diverse set of attendees, who flew in from across the Middle East.

BSS Training GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE

BSS Training – GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE

“We covered the Theory and the Practical aspect of the course, AA100 & BSS 101. The participants learned how to configure, control and monitor devices from several Harman brands including BSS, Crown, dbx and JBL.

BSS Training - GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE

BSS Training – GSL Pro Middle East, Dubai, UAE

We also had a live demo in our showroom with JBL Products such as Vertec VTX, Control and SRX Series. Students controlled the loudspeakers during the demo, through IOS Apps such as HiQnet Motion Control and Powered by Crown Application.

All the courses such as A101, BSS101 and BSS201 will be conducted on a regular basis hopefully in our new facility, which is going to be completed end of September.”

-Georgi Hristov, Technical Manager GSL Professional.

“The BSS Audio Architect Training is a means to share knowledge and assist our clients by providing them with the latest informative training, which the industry has to offer. We aim to support their endeavor to be on top of their game.

The software coupled with product knowledge, in turn equips the solutions provider to offer a 360-degree Audio Solution to their clients.

The training is a mandate  for programmers, integrators and installers.”

-Wilson del Finado, Project Engineer, GSL Professional- Projects.


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