JBL Performance Manager Version 2.2 Available Now!

JBL Performance Manager Version 2.2 Available Now!

15 October

JBL Performance Manager 2.2 is the next-generation software application designed to configure networked audio systems for corporate and live concert events, as well as systems within performance venues such as theaters and houses of worship. Using Performance Manager dramatically reduces design time, simplifies networking and automates control interface configuration. The patented workflow paradigm of the Performance Manager interface guides the system designer through the complete system design, configuration and control process and, in many ways, the entire process feels and acts like a simple step-by-step wizard. Networking has been reduced to a simple drag-and-drop operation, and all test, tuning and calibration control interfaces are embedded – no need to spend time designing control panels. Integration with Rational Acoustics’ world-renowned Smaart® acoustic testing and measurement software provides audio technicians and engineers with unprecedented access to measurement information—all delivered over the network in one screen. A dedicated show mode provides all the monitoring and control needed to have a complete picture of how the system is performing in real time.

Get JBL Performance Manager Version 2.2 here:
Download here

New Features in 2.2:

  • Array size can be adjusted without having to reconnect speakers to amplifiers:
    • Example: A 16x element array can be resized to a 12x element array using LAC-II. Speaker to amplifier connections remain intact
  • New inside-to-out wiring mode for subwoofer and distributed fill arrays
    • Delay and level adjustments are performed symmetrically
  • Performance Manager 2.2 and Audio Architect can now run on the same computer
    • Note: PM and AA should address a different set of devices
    • Example: Audio Architect is controlling BSS London devices and Performance Manager is controlling Crown I-Tech HD amplifiers
  • New Zoom keyboard shortcut
    • Use spacebar to Zoom to selected areas

Performance Improvements:

  • Group EQ improvements:
    • EQ dragging is significantly faster for large systems
    • Opening time for the Group EQ panel has been reduced
  • Venue Zoom Improvements:
    • New Zoom animations for smoother transitions
    • Improved frame rate performance on lower-end computers
  • Navigation speed improvements:
    • Mode to mode switching is now faster
    • Going in and out of “Set Speaker Presets” is significantly faster
    • Group Selection is now faster
    • Going in and out of “Run Show” is faster
  • Muting/Unmuting for large systems is now instantaneous
  • Memory usage improvements

Updates to Measurement Integration

  • Improved display for RTA bars
  • Capture trace functionality improvements
  • New Reset Averages command (new keyboard shortcut: V)

Bugs fixed

  • Addressed a Zoom-in bug where PM would zoom too far
  • Deleting a speaker no longer deletes the entire user-group
  • Deleting speakers/circuits does not remove all circuits
  • Fixed issues with Device Locate functionality in Go Online mode
  • Discovered devices in Go Online mode are now displayed in alphanumerical order
  • Performance Manager firmware update functionality improvements. No need to re-enable bypassing the firewall after each new PM version update.


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