New Free Firmware Update for Soundcraft Ui Series

New Free Firmware Update for Soundcraft Ui Series

15 October

Soundcraft Ui16

We’re pleased to announce a free firmware update for Soundcraft Ui12 and Ui16 Series digital consoles, bringing new features and enhancing stability.

More features and functions for both phone and tablet/computer browser user interfaces for the Ui family of mixers, as well as general fixes and performance enhancements. The following is a partial list:

Tablet/computer browser interface enhancements:

  • Hold fader for fine tuning levels
  • Manual data entry
  • Mute FX/All for player page
  • F1/F2 Next and Previous snapshot functions
  • Pedal footswitch play/record functions

Tablet/computer and phone browser interface enhancements:

  • Aux Send mute inheritance
  • Stereo/unlink L/R Master DYN
  • Player list font changed for language support

General enhancements:

  • More robust Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Scroll fixes
  • Selecting 1st visible channel on startup
  • Reset Local user Settings to default feature

Download here: