Soundcraft Si Expression by Harman Professional

Soundcraft Si Expression by Harman Professional

14 October

Soundcraft Si Expression

Powerful cost effective digital console

Drawing on more than a decade of experience in the field of digital audio mixing, the Soundcraft® Si Expression exploits some of the newest DSP, component technology and manufacturing techniques to deliver our most powerful cost effective digital console ever! Each console in the range is identical in its feature set so your only choice is how many faders and local mic amps you want. With a range covering the super portable 19″ rack mount Expression 1 to the mighty Si Expression 3 with its 30+2 faders and 32 mic/line inputs there is a model to meet all needs.



  •      Comes in 3 sizes. Si Expression 1 (16 mono mic inputs), Si Expression 2 (24 mono mic inputs), Si Expression 3 (32 mono mic inputs)
  •       4 line inputs
  •       20 sub-group / aux busses
  •       1 ViSi Connect™ option card slot for 64 x 64 input/output expansion. This can also allow you to use the Si Expression as a recording interface for multi-track recording and playback
  •       BSS Graphic Equalizer on all outputs
  •       FaderGlow™
  •       4 mute groups
  •       Freely assignable faders and patching

4 Lexicon effect engines

  •       8 Matrix buses
  •       Delay on inputs and outputs channels
  •       1 Control = 1 Function – With each control dedicated to a given function there is never any ‘layering’ of controls or navigating through screens; this allows the Si Expression controls to be labeled on the surface just as they would have been on an analog mixer.
  •       D.O.G.S. (Direct Out Gain Stabiliser) – Prevents manual change of a mic gain control affecting direct out levels, perfect when 2 consoles share a stage box or when recording the channel direct outputs.


  •       Live event
  •       Bands
  •       Music venues
  •       Theatre
  •       House of worship
  •       Tour sound
  •       Recording
  •       Broadcasting (Backup Mixer)
  •       (Home) studio

For a Video Tutorial click here.


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