Soundcraft Si Expression – How to send effects to the mix buses

Soundcraft Si Expression – How to send effects to the mix buses

15 October

The Si Expression comes with four Lexicon FX processors, each with 29 available algorithms. Each FX unit has its own dedicated FX Send Bus, and stereo return path.Soundcraft Si Expression

Follow these simple steps:

1. To send a signal from an input channel to the first effect engine, Press the FX1 button. A blue light will illuminate on the faders to show that you are in effect mode.

Note – The faders corresponds with the input channels in normal mode.

2. Turn up the fader on the channel of the signal you want to send to control how much of the signal you are sending to Engine 1.

3. Press the FX button to access the Lexicon FX menus in the Touch Screen.

4. Use the ADJUST/SCROLL to make sure that ‘Effect One Processor’ is highlighted.

5. Press the ADJUST/SCROLL to choose one of the twenty-nine algorithms and Press again to Select.

Note – The four FX Encoders are used to adjust their corresponding FX parameters. Any algorithm with more parameters will activate selection in the PAGE 1-3 Tabs.

Note – The TAP button will blink if you select an Effect with a Delay. The four TAP buttons corresponds to the four Effect processors.

6. Press FX 1 again to exit Effect mode and go to Normal Mode.

7. Press C on the FADER layers to adjust the master FX send level for FX 1. Four faders will illuminate blue lights and the first one to the left is the master send level for FX1.

8. Choose any Mix bus, MIX 1-14, that you wish to send the effect to. A yellow light will illuminate on the faders to show that you are in aux mode.

Note – Some faders may illuminate a green color. Yellow is Pre-fade and Green is Post-fade.

9. Press B on the FADER layers to adjust the Return level for FX1. The Last Four faders, ST 3-6 are the Stereo returns for the Four Effect Processors respectively. Therefore ST 3 is the Effect return for FX1.

Note – Hold the SEL button on any fader and the name of the channel will show up on the screen. First be sure that you are on MAIN MENU view – Press the MENU button beside the Touch Screen to go to MAIN MENU.

Note – Make sure the appropriate signals are routed to the main mix bus (LR). To check, Press SEL on the channel and see the LR button illuminates a white light.

Follow the steps above to send signals to Lexicon Effect processors 2-4 using ST4-6 for Effect return and FX2-4 for master sends respectively.

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