Soundcraft Si Expression – How to use the audio interrogate feature

Soundcraft Si Expression – How to use the audio interrogate feature

6 October

Audio Interrogate is a powerful method of checking and changing a particular switch status across all channels on the currently selected fader layer.

Soundcraft Si Expression

The steps below will show you how to use Audio Interrogate for any of the status buttons above in a Soundcraft Si Expression.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a Fader Layer A-D that has input channel(s).
  1. Press and Hold the ACS button you wish to check – 48V, Ѳ, HPF, GATE, COMP, EQ, LR or MONO.

The SEL (Select) buttons of any channels where that function is active will light.

While holding the relevant ACS button, you can press the SEL button on any channel to change the status – to activate or bypass that function.

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