Soundcraft UI 16

Soundcraft UI 16

14 October

Soundcraft UI 16

Ui16 packs a complete digital mixing system into a compact, road-rugged stagebox format, with built-in Wi-fi and the ability to be controlled by any connected device via a standard web browser – no Apps, no OS limitations, no constraints on how or where you mix.



The Ui Series mixers feature cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices, and can use up to 10 control devices simultaneously. In addition, the Ui12 and Ui16 each feature built-in HARMAN signal processing from dbx, DigiTech and Lexicon, including dbx AFS2, DigiTech Amp Modeling, and more. Both models feature fully recallable and remote-controlled mic gain and phantom power, along with 4-band parametric EQ, high-pass filter, compressor, de-esser and noise gate on input channels.

Both mixers offer 31-band graphic EQ, noise gate and compressor on all outputs, plus real-time frequency analyzer (RTA) on inputs and outputs. Built in are three dedicated Lexicon FX busses: Reverb, Delay and Chorus. In addition, mixer controls include Subgroups, Mute groups and View groups, among others. The Ui Series mixers feature full Show/Snapshot recallability with channel recall safes. while security lockout features allow customization of device access to only specific functions and mixes if needed. Both mixers also offer independent network interfaces on board for simultaneous control by Wi-Fi and Ethernet, plus a floor-ready rugged chassis for live applications.

The Ui12 also features four XLR combo mic/line inputs, four XLR mic inputs, two channels of Hi- Z/instrument inputs, as well as a stereo RCA line input. A 2-channel USB media player is included, along with two balanced XLR Aux outputs, two quarter-inch headphone outputs with level control, plus balanced stereo XLR and quarter-inch main outputs. Two-channel USB audio playback is compatible with MP3, WAV and AIFF formats.


Comes in two sizes ( Ui-16  & Ui-12)

  •       Tablet/PC/Smartphone Controlled Digital Mixer
  •       Use up to 10 control devices (tablets, phones, PCs) simultaneously Cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices
  •       8 combo  mic/line inputs/
  •       4 XLR inputs
  •       2 Channels for Hi-Z instruments
  •       Stereo RCA input
  •       Fully recallable and remote-controlled mic preamps
  •       4 Balanced XLR Aux outputs
  •       2 ¼ inch jack headphone outputs with level control
  •       Balanced stereo XLR and ¼ inch main outputs
  •       4-band Parametric EQ, High-Pass Filter, Compressor, De-esser and Noise Gate on input channels
  •       31-band Graphic EQ, Noise Gate and Compressor on all outputs
  •       Subgroups, Mute Groups, View Groups, and more mixer controls
  •       Password-protected Access limitation system
  •       Advanced feedback suppression

Where to use

  •       Bands
  •       Music venues
  •       Jamming sessions/Rehearsals

For a Video Tutorial click here.


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