Time Saver Tool for a Live and Studio Engineers

Time Saver Tool for a Live and Studio Engineers

3 October

dbx CT2 cable tester is a handy must-have device for every live and studio engineer


Imagine how frustrating it can be after a large or even small setup to find out that you cannot get signal through, and you are very sure that it is the cable. But you wonder, how you can tell a faulty cable by just looking at it. Well, problem solved. Before running and connecting the cables’ end to end, you might want to perform a quick less than 20 seconds test on each cable and save yourself another 30 minutes or more to reconnect another cable.

With this small, featherweight handy battery operated dbx CT2 cable tester, you can easily test and evaluate a large variety of cables. It features many common audio connectors and you simply test by connecting the ends of the cable. You can do this while the cable is still rolled up (recommended). It has a rotary dial to easily detect the faulty wire or wrong pin connection in the cable. This device also has the ability to check itself. An LED light will illuminate for well wired and functional cables and will not illuminate for faulty ones.

Features and common connections

• 6-position rotary selector with individual LED’s for up to five pins plus internal battery life check
• ‘Banana’ connector continuity tester with beeper and LED indicator
• Super-rugged construction for durability and longer life
• (2) Speaker Twist connectors for testing of 4 pin->to pin connections
• (2) XLR connectors (1 x Male, 1 x Female) for testing of 3 pin->to pin connections
• (2) RCA Phono connectors for testing of 2 pin->to pin connections
• (2) BNC connectors for testing of 2 pin->to pin connections
• (2) MIDI (5-pin DIN) connectors for testing of 5 pin->to pin connections
• (2) DMX (5-pin) connectors for testing of 5 pin->to pin connections
• (2) 1/4” TRS connectors for testing of 3 pin->to pin connections
• (2) Banana connectors for testing of 1 pin->to pin connections

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