Calrec - GSL Pro


Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters. Formed as a microphone manufacturer in 1964, Calrec’s reputation for build quality, reliability and audio performance has made it an industry benchmark across the world. Calrec understands modern broadcast facilities, and works alongside broadcasters to keep ahead of the changing needs of the broadcast environment.

Calrec’s range of broadcast mixing consoles, remote production and audio networking solutions, its understanding of apio and ip infrastructures, and its work with third-party integration, means calrec is at the epicentre of changing broadcast requirements.

All Calrec products are designed, manufactured and tested at Calrec’s nutclough mill headquarters in hebden bridge, england. Every element of product development is inhouse. This ensures the integrity of the entire process and guarantees a quality standard unsurpassed in the broadcast console marketplace.

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