“From an early age, light exerts a magical fascination on us humans. It inspires our imagination and controls emotions. Light can caress us, frighten us, take us into other worlds or ignite a fire in us. Very special people have made their ability to inspire with light their profession; the Cameo range is now available for these lumen beings.”

Cameo has quickly become a leading brand for professional lighting technology. The product range, which is equipped with the latest technology, includes PAR spotlights for the stage and studio, moving heads, lighting effects, lasers, LED strips, DMX controllers and special accessories.

Cameo products are energy efficient, durable and equipped with plenty of features. They support creative lighting design for inside and outside, in clubs, such as in large rigs at concerts and events, but also for architectural projects too with models rated to IP65.

The Cameo portfolio is a complete range of diverse spotlights for inside or outside use with attractive features and state-of-the-art LED technology. With Cameo lasers, haze and wind machines, you’ll give your lighting concept a fascinating feel.

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