Community’s products offer great musical sound quality and clear voice intelligibility. They are designed to be attractive yet unobtrusive to complement interior designs. Many Community products are ETL certified to meet UL specifications for mass notification and voice warning applications and selected models are EN54-24 certified to meet European requirements.

Community’s innovative fiberglass horns and enclosures were followed by ground-breaking transducers including M4, the world’s first dedicated midrange compression driver. Community is well known for high-performance outdoor loudspeakers such as its R SERIES family and continues to innovate with products like ENTASYS, the industry’s first three-way column line array before introducing the L SERIES LVH-900,the world’s first beamforming venue horn.

Community provides system designers with accurate and complete product specifications and offers software that facilitates distributed system design and subwoofer steering. The company’s “Technical Applications Group” (TAG) provides expert assistance in product selection and system design review.

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