Klotz - GSL Pro


Klotz are global leaders in the design, production and marketing of audio, video, multimedia and fibre-optic cables. Klotz products are used by equipment rental companies, recording studios, TV broadcasters, theatres, stadiums, arenas and even cruise ships. We are constantly extending our expertise to span peripherals, designing connection technology systems tailored to our cables.

In the world of pro audio and video, the name of KLOTZ has been synonymous with cable products of the highest quality since 1979 – today the portfolio is over 6,500 products. All Klotz innovative high-quality products have always been developed in-house without exception, in line with our goal of delivering supreme quality at fair prices.

Klotz customers have relied on the consistently high manufacturing quality and craftsmanship of all their products for many years and Klotz is product to hold ISO9001:2015certification as confirmation of our exceptional quality management standards.

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