The L’Acoustics mission statement speaks speaks volumes about the company attitude and ethos: “We shape the future of Sound – Through our dedication to innovation and product design excellence, we shape the future of sound with technologies that enable audio professionals and artists to elevate the listener experience. ”The creators of the modern line array L’Acoustics has an enviable track record with 50% of the top 20 music festivals running on L’Acoustics and 10,000 referenced venues, an investment in L’Acoustics is a sound commercial decision for a production company or performance venue. Supporting the Line Array solutions L’Acoustis also offers a broad array of point source products for installations, monitors, immersive sound and distributed systems. Consistent voicing, exceptional performance and safe deployment is ensured by the exclusive use of L’Acoustics DSP amplifiers and mandatory training for all operators of L’Acoustics line array products. Today L’Acoustics is pioneering a new 3D immersive audio experience technology L-ISA bringing multi-dimensional audio to the world of live performances making transforming events and shows into ‘must experience’ destinations that generate new earing and revenue creating opportunities.

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