New Lower Pricing on Tascam MX-8A DSP Matrix and Accessories (RC-W100)

The Tascam MX-8A DSP Matrix is a simple-to-configure DSP matrix system with 8 analogue inputs and 8 analogue outputs and a 2x2 Digital IO on USB. DSP functions include a compressor, four-band parametric EQ and auto level control for each input. The output section features a 10-band EQ with high/low-pass filter, delay, and a limiter function per output. To make audio for announcements clearer, automatic ducking and an ambient noise compensator are also provided.

The MX-8A can be controlled by 3rd party control systems, the Tascam MX Connect software and also the Tascam RC-W100 digital controllers of which up to 8 units can be simultaneously connected to an MX-8A.

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The TASCAM MX-8A is possible to mix mic and playback equipment audio signals into 8 different zones. This function can be used in installation systems for small to medium scale stores, restaurants or banquet rooms, etc.

Affordable Stage Box available from DiGiCo (A168)

The DMI-A3232 card from the 4REA4 Range is now incorporated into the S-Series consoles. This I/O expansion allows for the 4REA4 I/O to be directly connected to the S-Series, widening the I/O possibilities. As part of this upgrade, the newly launched S21-Stage48 and S31-Stage48 systems are being offered with 48 Mic inputs from stage via three A168 STAGE Racks.

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Calrec newly launched TYPE R for TV IP-Based virtual mixing

The new virtual mixing console by Calrec is driven by station automation so customers can take advantage of virtual workflow for remote or “AT Home” production.

The new TYPE R for TV features a flexible and integrated native IP core that seamleslly integrates with station automation systems, such as the Ross Overdrive, Sony ELC and Grass valley Ignite. It promises fully automated programming with real-time adjustment of unpredictable external factors via a standard web browser.

TYPE R for TV aims to fulfil the rising demand for automated audio consoles in smaller news operations which is becoming more prevalent. Type R’s small, adaptable and highly portable hardware elements can be easily added if desired. Powered by standard POE switches, Type R has three different panel options. If broadcasters prefer a physical surface, banks of 6 x faders can be added, or adaptable soft panels like Calrec’s Large Soft Panel (LSP) and Small SoftPanel (SSP) can be used.

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Genelec –GLM 3.2.0 software update

Users of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring range can now take advantage of the newly updated 3.2.0 version of our GLM software, adds support for the newest additions to The Ones range of point source monitors (8351B, 8361 and the complementary W371 Adaptive Woofer) plus adding a host of other improvements.

In addition to the tuning capabilities of the GLM software that let you get the most from your Genelec system in any room, the GLM software allows you remote volume control of speakers or groups of speakers from the software or optional hardware controller.

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Award-Winning Design – Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 for Cameo F4

Unlike numerous competitors, whose spotlight designs seem to be inspired by a stealth bomber’s unobtrusively sleek design, Cameo employs a natural design language, such as a bracket that integrates organically into the housing, much like a joint.

Theaters, in particular, have many strict requirements. For example, the cooling system has to be extremely quiet, the spotlights must operate quickly and efficiently, and the housing must flexibly integrate into different installation environments. The F4 Series’ product design fulfills all of these aspects while keeping a distinct yet elegant character based on curved lines and organic shapes.

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